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Hue, VN
31. März - 07. April 2016
Woni dasmoll in Hue gsi bi hani nit sehr vill unternoh sonder mini Zyt hauptsächlich zum usruehe und s schöne Wetter gniesse gnutzt. Ich ha rächt vill Zyt mit de Lüt verbrocht wo dört schaffe, will ich die mittlerwyle scho rächt lang kenn und sie alli mega nett sin. Mir hänn zum Teil zobe eifach Film gluegt oder sin alli zemme öbbis go trinke.
Am einte Nomittag hani mr denn aber eh Scooter gmietet und bi an Strand gfahre. Es isch eh wunderschöne Privatstrand gsi wo de zwar 100'000 Dong (ca. 4 CHF) zahlsch drmitt de ahne kasch aber denn kriegsch eifach eh Guetschin für Esse und Trinke für das Gäld.
Bi zwar nit go bade aber s isch au super gsi eifach bitz am Strand z Läse und z Sünnle.
Am eh andere Tag hani mir denn es Velo gmietet und bi zu ere grosse Pagoda gfahre. Die isch echt schön gsi zum ahluege. Es hett so lustigi Statue und Bilder an de Wänd kha wo d Hoor und Bärt eifach wie Perücke gsi sin, also echti Hoor. Usserdem hett die Pagoda eh riesige Turm wo echt toll usseht.
Nachdem bini aber nit direkt zrugg zum Hostel gfahre sondern bi eifach bitzli uss dr Stadt use und ha eh kleini Velotour gmacht. Ich bi durch kleini Dörfli gfahre und s hett überall wunderschöni Riisfälder kha und ich bi dr einzigi Tourist wyt und breit gsi. Eh Zytli lang bini au em Fluss noche und ha gseh wie die ärmere Vietnamese uff ihre Fälder schaffe und wie sie läbe.
Die Velotour isch echt toll gsi, vorallem au will s Wetter eifach wundervoll gsi isch. Richtig sunnig und warm.
In de letzte zwei Täg hani no eh Vietnamesin und eh Australier kenneglernt wo in Phong Nha im eh Hostel schaffe. Ha so vill mit ihne gredet und eh super Zyt mit ihne kha, dass sie mi ihgladet hänn nach minere Zyt in Hanoi nomoll uff Phong Nha kho zum sie z bsueche.
Ich weiss also scho wo mi negste Stopp wird si, ha jo au noni so alles gseh was es dört z gseh gitt. Aber jetzt heissts zerst moll no Hanoi und Halong Bay.

When I was in Hue this time I didn’t do too much. I used most of my time to relax and enjoy the lovely weather and people around me. I spent a lot of the time with the people working at the hostel because I know them pretty well by now and they’re all so nice! We even spent an evening just watching a movie or we went out for some drinks.
In one of the afternoons I rented a scooter and drove to the beach. It was a private beach where you had to pay 100’000 dong (ca. 4 USD) to get in but you got a coupon you could use for food and drinks at their beach bar.
I didn’t go swimming but it was also great to just read a book and enjoy the sun.
On one of the other days I rented a bicycle and went to a big pagoda. It was a really nice one. There were some really funny statues and pictures on the wall that had real hair and beards. There was also a big tower that was really beautiful to look at.
After visiting the pagoda I decided not to go back to the hostel immediately. I just kept on riding my bicycle and went a bit outside of the city to do my own little bicycle tour. I was driving through small villages and there were lots of beautiful rice paddies. One of the best things was that I was the only tourist there. I was riding along the river for a while and got to see how the poorer Vietnamese people are living and working on their fields next to the river.
My little bicycle tour was just amazing probably also because the weather was so good. It was really sunny and warm.
In my last two days there I met a Vietnamese girl and an Australian guy who work in a hostel in Phong Nha. I spent an amazing time with these two just talking a lot. They asked me to come to the national park again and meet them there after my time in Hanoi.
So I already know where I’ll go next. But first it’s time for Hanoi and the Halong Bay!