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Da Nang, VN
21.Februar - 25. Februar 2016
Am Sunntig zobe sin mr alli zemme zur Dragonbridge gange. Will immer am Samstig und Sunntig wächselt si d Farb mehrmolls und am 9i zobe speiht dr Drache Füür.
Da Nang isch znacht au eh wunderschöni Stadt wenn me em Fluss nochelauft und die Brugg muess me eifach moll gseh ha wenn me scho do isch.
Ahschliessend hänn mr denn no eh super feins Dessert gesse & sin zrugg ins Greenhouse und ins Bett.

On Sunday evening we all went to the Dragonbridge together. Because every Saturday and Sunday it changes its colour and at 9 pm the dragon spits fire.
Da Nang is a really beautiful city at night when you're walking along the river. And you really have to see the Dragonbridge at leasts once when you're staying in Da Nang.
Afterwards we had a delicious dessert and went back to the greenhouse to go to bed.